Nationwide physician staffing firm suffers damaging website hack and finds out the hard way they didn’t have a current back up to turn to.

Client Situation Before The Miller Group

A Nationwide physician staffing firm with offices all over the country and headquarters in St. Louis, suffered a major website hack that brought their Breaks website down for several days. Their website serves many crucial business functions. It is a place where physicians can find new jobs, build their own account with résumé upload features, and complete cheap jerseys the online application process that connects the physician with a local recruiter to find the ideal job placement. The entire marketing and sales process of their business revolves around their website staying up and running efficiently. When their website was hacked, it was being hosted by a 3rd party on a monthly subscription based server that acted as rented space that their non-technical employees had to manage and maintain themselves. When the marketing team noticed the site was down, they contacted the company that had been hosting the website but their support team eventually ended the conversation by saying “there isn’t anything we can do to help you, good luck”.

The Solution

The initial solution was to revert back to the latest backup of the website and that wholesale nfl jerseys is when they found out the hard way they never set up a backup. Now with a broken website and no help from the 3rd party hosting support team, The Miller Group stepped in and put all hands on deck to get the website back up and running within hours. The Miller Group was provided login access to their website portal and immediately noticed that most of the web pages have been corrupted beyond repair. Since there was no backup up to restore, The Miller Group used a cheap mlb jerseys public web tool that gathered the most recent cached version of the website and with those files they were able to spin up a new, healthy wholesale version of the website on one of their servers in their local datacenter.

Future Plans

Now with the website back up and running inside The Miller Group’s datacenter, the staffing firm completely cut ties with the 3rd party hosting company. Moving forward, The Miller Group set up a full backup solution including both local (onsite) and cloud (offsite) backups and their team is completely dedicated and assumes responsibility for making sure the site is up and functioning as expected. If Anses there are ever any issues, there are direct phone call numbers to their support members that can get on the problem right away.