Why The Miller Group is the best option for hosting your website over any other web hosting provider.

What you get with Us

  • Locally Hosted – Your website is located locally in our St. Louis Data Center then replicated in the cloud.
  • Dedicated Support Staff – We have staff members and tools designed to monitor your website and database 24/7.
  • Years of Experience – We have been hosting websites since the 1980’s. The experience and helpful recommendations will help build up your SEO and drive traffic to your website along with ideas on what design ideas usually work and which ones don’t.
  • Responsive, Local Staff – You have a staff you can call or email directly with any questions or problems.
  • In-Person Meetings – Upon going live, we sit down in person with our clients and show them how to use WordPress to make their own changes and updates.

What you get with Them

  • Where Is My Data? – Other companies have their servers located all of the nation so don’t know where your data is actually located.
  • You Are On Your Own – With another provider, you will get space on a server and they charge you rent for that space. You, the customer, are in charge of the management and configurations.
  • What Do I Do If There Is A Problem? – If something goes wrong and your website goes down, you do not have a dedicated staff that can immediate get in and fix it. You have to sit on the phone for hours before your problem is fixed.
  • No Automated Backups Or Monitoring – Your website isn’t automatically backed up and monitored on a daily basis. You have to configure the backup and maintain it yourself.
  • Who Is Going To Teach Me To Use WordPress? – Since they are nation wide, you do not have the ability to learn how to use the WordPress platform unless you want to sit and read through documentation. We offer a customized training specifically built around your website.