Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“I truly don’t think this website project could have gone any better”

Brandon was/is always available and responds to our questions very quickly. He has been an amazing helper and teacher. We have learned so much from him and he has been SO patient. When we started this project, Brandon showed us several website formats and helped us choose the one which best fit our group’s needs. This experience has exceeded my expectations. We have
been well-coached and Brandon has made us feel good about what we have learned.

Barbara Ottolini

St. Louis Herb Society

“Responses are almost immediate. Very much beyond my expectations.”

This experience could have not gone any better. We were offered many options in different designs and website functionality. During development Brandon was exceptionally collaborative and eager to handle the work. I honestly can’t think of anything to change in the development process. My experience was definitely one of the best I’ve had.

DeLancey Smith

Sportport International

“We are in good hands with The Miller Group”

Brandon walked us through the process of updating our website from start to finish. It was a great experience. The developers at The Miller Group were very helpful in providing the right design options and functionality to satisfy the specific needs of our multifaceted website. Brandon made a difficult and complicated process easy for us. We are in good hands with The Miller Group.

Doug Dunlap

Perio Protect

“Seamless process, fantastic experience”

Brandon sat down and helped us decide on the best options for our organization and even offered ideas that we would have never thought of ourselves. It was a very easy and overall fantastic experience. I would recommend The Miller Group to other small businesses looking for a new website.

Shawn Darlington

Missouri Trout Fisherman Association

“Very quick process and extremely helpful developers”

Our developer was very helpful and extremely quick to reply to emails and phone calls. We looked at many designs before starting the development process and we are very pleased with how the websites turned out.

Gigi Reither

Buccaneer Property Managers

“Brandon is a true professional and extremely thorough”

Brandon did an excellent job. Very fast, responsive, professional, and thorough. He was a true pro with WordPress and made this transition happen for me at a very fair price, and in good time.

David Biernbaum

Biernbaum & Associates

“We are very happy with the finished product”

The website development experience was very positive and pleasant for us. We knew nothing about how to design a website and The Miller Group guided us through the entire process in a completely painless way! Our developer was very interested in our thoughts about the site and was quick to accommodate any changes, or help with any questions or concerns. They talked with us about the type of website we had in mind and what we wanted to convey about our company and then came up with a plan to incorporate all of those things. Again, they were very agreeable when it came to making changes and helping us to make sure the website reflected what our company was about. Thanks again!

Sharon Zitzmann

Sport Classics Inc.

“Our developer gave us tons of options definitely exceeded our expectations”

Brandon, our developer, presented a product which had numerous website templates and we could change the content ourselves with ease. We were able to review and select the template that best met the needs of our organization. Brandon also explained the website functionality to assist in our selection. He was exceptionally responsive and timely regarding our needs and our many questions we had starting out.

Valerie Whitney

St. Louis Herb Society

“Highly recommended to anyone who needs a great website”

The experience was great. Everyone that we worked with was very helpful, prompt and patient. We were offered many options and were thoroughly “walked through” the development process. Questions were answered, suggestions were made, and every attempt to meet our needs was given.Would highly recommend you to anyone who needs help in developing a great website and the training to use and maintain it.

Julia Wesche

Our Redeemer Church & School

“Excellent Experience”

We had an excellent experience with The Miller Group. They are awesome and very responsive. They offered us many different options to pick from and made the process very easy. We appreciate all of hard work put into our website.

Jess Alexander

Rehnquist Design & Build